Show your 15 km Radius


This functionality might be only related to Germany - nevertheless it might be useful in other countries as well. In the first Corona-related-lockdown there was a restriction, that you should stay in your local area in a radius of 15 km around your home.

In order to give users a hint how far this 15 km would be from a specific location, GPSLogger is able to render a well visible circle around any location that you load into the application.

In order to make this feature more useful also for other regions, I have added Implement custom radius settings on my TODO-List - let me know if you are interested.


  • Load a Location via the LocationManager
  • Map View: Settings > Appearance & Startup > Available Views configuration… > OpenMapData View
  • The Map has to be displayed as the main view (15 km radius will not be rendered in Secondary View I or II)
  • Settings > Appearance & Startup > Map & Path View Settings… > Render 15 km radius

Example Screenshots

15km-radius-on-map 15km-radius-on-map 15km-radius-on-map

Version: 2023/03/19