Home Assistant
Use GPSLogger II as Location Sensor with your Home Assistant installation


When you have your own Home Assistant instance running at home and if this installation is reachable via a public URL (https), then you can use GPSLogger II as a location sensor.

Once you have specified your Server URL and a Long-lived access token, GPSLogger II can constantly send your current location to your home. You do not have to start any logging! (This behaviour can be configured).

There is a minimal movement distance of aprox. 1m - this means that the app will not send new locations to your Home Assistant Server when latitude or longitude does not change the 4’th digit.


  • Your Home Assistant installation is reachable via a public https URL (Android Apps have to use https for communication)
  • The app must be able to complete a https URL request in some other way (in other words you need to have internet access)
  • You need to create a long-lived access token see Home Assistant Authentication documentation: long-lived-access-token

    You can create such a token in your Home Assistant User Profile (scroll down to the bottom of your profile page).

    It is highly recommended to use the ‘copy and paste’ function when entering your long-lived access token.

    The token will be used a single time only to create a ‘GPSLogger II Tracker’ in your Home Assistant installation. The token will not be stored on your mobile device.


The settings become editable, once you select a Time period

  • Specify a minimum time delay/frequency in which the app will send a new location update (if location changed at all)
  • Specify your Home Assistant Server URL (have to be https) -> e.g. by using Let’s Encrypt
  • Specify your generated long-lived-access-token (use the ‘copy and paste’ function)
  • Select, if the app should constantly send your location - or if the updates should be only send while logging (including paused)
Version: 2023/03/19