Car Finder & Geo Caching

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Firstly you have to know, that GPSLogger II supports two different ways to guide you to a certain place. In one of the modes you will be guided directly in the direction of a previously recorded location (Location-Mode) in the second one you will be guided along a previously loaded path (Path-Mode). It is very important that you understand the core difference between both cases.

Location-Mode [Geocaching]

The first one is suitable for geocaching or situations like finding your car in a parking lot or similar tasks. The direction view of GPSLogger II will always point in the direction of the location that you want to reach – no matter whether there are barriers between you and your target like buildings, rivers or canyons. So basically you have to find the correct route (streets, paths, hikes) to your destination by yourself – so don’t simply look at your display and walk into the direction the arrow is pointing – this might hurt (or result in a catastrophic failure :D) - Disclaimer: The author of this software cannot be held responsible for any damage, harm, injuries caused by the use of GPSLogger II.

Version: 2023/03/19