Welcome to the year 2022 - Blackberry© legacy apps are finally history - so all the emacberry apps you might know ( FileScout, LittleBrother, Iconify or TOMPlayer) are history as well… really all apps? No of course not all! - There is one that has survived… even running on BlackBerry 10!

GPSLogger II Icon GPSLogger II - your AIO solution

100% free - no in app advertisements, no pro version, no server side tracking of any data

GPSLogger II is a pretty straightforward app that can record your GPS based location over the time… but there is plenty more that the app can do for you get all details at the GPSLogger II app page - including the docs and a FAQ.


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You need to add a custom repository in order to be able to install GPSLogger II All details can be found in the short F-Droid Tutorial - Thanks Johann!

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Recommended for BlackBerry 10 Users (yes the app will still work on your BlackBerry 10 device)!

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UUID0xFD6FTracerIcon UUID0xFD6FTracer

My personal little humble contribution to contain the COVID-19 pandemic

The main purpose of the app is to scan your current environment for active devices running an application that make use of Google’s & Apple’s Exposure Notification Framework (like the German CoronaWarnApp) or the TousAntiCovid (France) App (which is not based on the framework - but use a similar technology to trace randomized anonymous contact information).

UUID0xFD6FTracer is OpenSource and you find it at GitHub - feel free to contribute!

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