Dark/Night Mode
Being eye friendly

Toggle between Light/Day & Dark/Night Mode

view-multiview In most of modern GUIs you can select between a light & dark theme - initially the dark mode of GPSLogger started under the term night mode. The functionality remains the same - instead of the bright white background you can switch to an all-black display. This black-background make the app way more eye friendly when you use the app during night-time.

You can toggle between Day & Night Mode via the    main menu of the app.

When you dislike the opacity level of the map in dark/night mode, there is some good news for you - there is a setting to adjust it. Open Application Settings > Appearance & Startup > Map & Path View Settings > Map opacity (night). The default value is half, but you can select between full, 4/5, 3/4, half and 1/4. Where full does not dim the map at all and the 1/4 will give you a bare vision of the map (but it really depends on your use case).

Besides the Map opacity there are additional settings available to configure the Night Mode behaviour:

  • Binding Night Mode to OS DarkMode
  • Start application in Night Mode
  • Specify the Night Mode ColorScheme

You find these options in Application Settings > Appearance & Startup > Font size & Display options… > Night Mode Options

Binding Night Mode to your OS DarkMode will automatically toggle between day & night mode of the app when you toggle between default & Dark theme of your Android. Enabling the binding will disable the option to start GPSLogger in Night Mode by default.

Dark/Night Mode ColorScheme

view-multiview Since there is not a perfect dark mode color, you can choose from any RGB-Color the palette of your device is offering. Feel free to play around with the color chooser and find the perfect night color for you.

Version: 2023/03/19