2022_01-manual Even if the work isn’t 100% done yet, I couldn’t hold back the first result. Ever since I originally created the GPSLogger website, the documentation part has always fallen behind. With every new feature that was implemented, there was no convenient place to document it. Sometimes there were forum posts explaining the theory of how it worked, but that was suboptimal.

With the beginning of 2022 (that has not been a New Year’s resolution) I have started with the creation process of the GPSLogger Manual, and today I have completed the initial (aka draft) version.

Let’s jump directly into the manual… or continue reading about the details.

What is currently done

All the main application use cases and features are documented in different sections. Each section will start with a short overview of the functionality (or with a personal motivation why I have started to implement it - or both).

Beside the work it was some sort of fun to finally document all this - I spend a lot of time in the sources of the application and also discovered some old that I had to fix.

There is still a long way to go

On major task that is still ahead of me is the complete documentation of the application settings - the app currently has over 400 different settings (that are stored in the preference). So creating the overall reference for every part of the app configuration will still take some time sigh!

But to my best knowledge all the settings required to adjust/enable the described main feature set of the application is already included in the current manual version.

Also, there is currently no Search-function available, and I have to check what’s the best way to make one available via the Jekyll framework.

Your Feedback & Involvement wanted!

You are invited to contribute to the GPSLogger manual - You will find on top of every page a  Improve this page link that will bring you to the public GitHub repository where the documentation is stored. It’s all Jekyll based Markdown and you easily can start editing the content and make a PullRequest - TIA!