2022_01-mymap At the beginning of 2020 I came across multiple challenges… Despite COVID-19 of course. Currently, GPSLogger II makes use of the free vector tile server nextzen.org - even if there exist some alternatives to this service, these alternatives require an account - and with that a certain payment for the usage.

Since GPSLogger is free (and I don’t want to change this in the future) I felt the need to prepare a nextzen.org source alternative. And obviously the ‘only’ possible solution would be to host vector map data by myself.

Challenge accepted!


My main goal of ths project is to become independent of the internet giants Google, Apple or Microsoft when it comes to map services.

Key Feature/Functions

  • No user tracking / No cookies
  • Complete world coverage (monthly updates)
  • Free rotatable and tilt-able (since this is all vector data)
  • 3D buildings
  • Localized names (your browser language)
  • POIs (point of interest)
  • Rendering SAC- & MTB-Scales
  • Self generated hill shades & contours
  • Powerful search (powered by an own Pelias instance)
    • autocomplete / suggestions
    • regional sub-search
    • search in specific range on map
    • configurable search layers & sources

Used (Re)Sources

  • based on the openmaptiles project
  • using tegola as tile server
  • running on Postgres approx. ~300 GB

It’s currently hosted @ my private server - running at home and the connection is just a regular DSL-line - so don’t expect a performance miracle myMap hosted @ emac.de

Your Feedback wanted!