In 2022/01/04 BlackBerry has shut down all it’s phone services - this implies that all the previously released applications like FileScout, LittleBrother, Iconify, GPSLogger or TOMPlayer from (aka ‘me’ Matthias Marquardt) are obsolete.

So I decided to get finally rid of my quite old website with all the outdated information about my apps for a legacy BlackBerry OS. By doing so I realized that the world have moved some sort of forward concerning websites and content creation processes. One of the main pain points of the past has been the fact, that the GPSLogger II manual have not been maintained at all and most of the information is not correct any longer. Of course, I would like to focus on the app development process and do not like to spend much time with editing & updating the GPSLogger II website, and it’s manual.

So I came across Jekyll which allows quite easy to create & update website content - and the best doing this in a cooperative mode via GitHub.

So with flushing the toilet and say good by to BlackBerry Legacy Apps, it’s time to welcome the new GPLogger II for Android website created with Jekyll - including the invitation to all to work & enhance the existing application manual.