LittleBrother for BlackBerry® Devices [Changelog]
with OS 4.5 or higher

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LittleBrother [β] Changelog

The "ZERO-power consuming" tracking solution

CellTower based - supporting CDMA and GSM Network (IDEN experimental)

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LittleBrother Changelog Details

2013/09/01 - LittleBrother

Maintenance Release

Quick OTA-Update Link

Update via BlackBerry AppWorld™ is recommended when you want to make use of the BBM™ integrated features.

What's New?

  • Google Latitude Integration had to be removed - Google has decided to discontinue Google Latitude
  • Make sure to update to the new Version before 15.Oct.2013

2013/05/12 - LittleBrother


What's Fixed?

  • LittleBrother Log will now hopfully not "hang up" anymore when then are plenty of entries (actually it never hand up but the device was quite bussy creating the screen components - so we are now back to the classic layout).

2013/04/27 - LittleBrother

Fixes & small GUI Tweaks

What's New?

  • Text input fields will be now rendered with a thin gray border
  • LittleBrother Log will not "hang up" when then are plenty of entries (actually it never hand up but the device was quite bussy creating the screen components - so we are now back to the classic layout).

2013/04/04 - LittleBrother

It's all about Options & Layout

What's New?

  • All Options & Setting Dialogs have been restructured and reworked. I hope you agree that the new layout looks way more organized.
    Here are some sample screenshots:

2013/02/20 - LittleBrother

Google Latitude Updates Bugfix

What's New?

  • Google Latitude Updates
    Since a couple of builds the WLAN-CellTower distance setting was not used anymore. This has caused multiple Google Latitude updates when the current WLAN based location and the CellTower based location has extended a certain distance (50m when I could remember correctly).
    This issue have been fixed again in and now the specify the min. WLAN-CellTower distance will again be used when checking if your Google Latitude position should be updated.

2013/01/30 - LittleBrother


What's New?

  • WLAN and CellTower GPS-fix GOOD & FAILED settings can be adjusted separated from each other
  • Default for GOOD WLAN gps-fixes have been set to 1 (one) - so after a gps-fix could be get for a WLAN this location will be considered as fixed. If you are not happy with the received location, you simply can delete the WLAN Location entry in the corresponding Database list (make the entry and press the DEL-Key)
  • You now can copy & paste a location information (latitude & longitude values) from any screen to another since the internal location clipboard is now globally available. This allows you to copy locations from the Sector definition over to the CellTower Database or from the WLAN Database over to the CellTower Database.

2013/01/12 - LittleBrother

eMail Remote Location Requests, Password protection and more...

Why so fast an update ?

Well that's quite easy to explain - few days after the initial release I was contacted by the father with whom I was in contact few years ago and who was one of the users why LittleBrother has been initially developed. (You can read more details in the Forum-Thread 'Why LittleBrother was developed?'). The reason why he contacted me was not very nice - and while we had a short conversation I saw additional special needs that I wanted to develop as fast as possible. So actually the complete last week I was spending my evenings and nights with extending the functionality of LittleBrother.

What's New?

  • Parent Watch password protection
    It could be used in both ways - either you want to watch your parents or you like to watch your kids - "Parent Watch" allows you to specify a password for all of the LittleBrother configuration and all the settings of the app.
    Once a password is specified you will be prompted for the specified password each time you (or anybody else) want to access the LittleBrother dialogs.
    Please note that this nevertheless can not give you the guarantee that LittleBrother will work as wanted - there is still the possibility for the user of the device to turn off the radio or even uninstall the application completely (if not restricted by the installed phone policy). In both cases LittleBrother is failing to deliver the expected service!
  • Remote Location Request via eMail
    Since a couple of releases it is possible that you can request the aprox. location of a BlackBerry device running LittleBrother via a PIN Message (you can trigger such a RemoteLocationRequest from the overview screen of the LittleBrother options).
    With the new release it is possible to request the location by sending a simple eMail to any address that is processed by the BlackBerry device that is running LittleBrother.
    This new feature works without any 3'rd party webserver or service in between and the detected remote location information will not be shared with anybody else.
    Technical side note: Since the reply of such a remote location request will be send as plain text eMail message (no further encrypted) it could be "of course" intercepted and read by 3rd party - but this applies to the rest of most of our current eMail communication as well.
    Sending a eMail RemoteLocationRequest is quite easy - simply create a new blank eMail with the subject: 'LBMSG_REQUEST' (LittleBrotherMessage_REQUEST)] and send it to a eMail address that will be processed by the BlackBerry device running LittleBrother.
    After a short while you should receive a reply containing a link to GoogleMaps that will display you the aprox. location (CellTower or WLAN based) of the device.
    When you enable the eMail-Remote Location Request Service on your phone (can be found in the 'Remote Location Request Settings' of the LittleBrother options), then it's strongly recommend to enable the 'Restrict access to PINs/Password' function as well.
    Once a password is specified in the LittleBrother configuration an incoming LBMSG_REQUEST will be only replied by LittleBrother, if the specified password is also included either in the eMail Subject or within the email body (at the begin of the eMail content). So as example, if you have specified on your device the password 'XX-yy-ZZ' the requester have to send a eMail with the subject: LBMSG_REQUEST XX-yy-ZZ (it's case sensitive).
    But LittleBrother can even do more - when you send an eMail with the subject LBMSG_REQUESTGPS then the requesting device will fire up the device gps system and tries to get the real current position of the device for you [as fallback solution (after a gps-fix could not be received after 60 sec.) the last knownWLAN/CellTower location will be included in the reply].
    This is the moment where LittleBrother becomes very hand for any user who what's to know where actually his own phone is currently located (no matter if you just misplaced your device of if it has been stolen).
    With LittleBrother you can always know, where your phone actually is - just few simple steps:
    1. Install LittleBrother on your device
    2. Specify a password for the LittleBrother configuration in the 'Parent Watch Settings'
    3. Enable the 'eMail-Remote Location Request Service' in the 'Remote Location Request Settings'
    4. Enable the 'Restrict access to PIN/Password' checkbox
    5. Specify a password for your location request eMails in the 'Password (for eMail requests)' field
    You are done! - as quick test
    Two additional things you might like to know about the new Remote Location Request via eMail feature:
    • If you want to be able to open the GoogleMaps URL from a location request reply with your BlackBerryBrowers, then you need to specify additionally BBB in the requesting email subject - in any other case the BlackBerry Browser is not able to handle the give URL correctly.
    • You might like to start your eMail subject with <$RemoveOnDelivery> in order to instruct the receiving BlackBerry device to remove the incoming request email after it has been processed (for what ever reason this unfortunately does not always work).
  • Automated conversion & cleanup of the legacy LittleBrother v1.x CellTower & WLAN Database:
    Once the new version is installed you will be prompted to convert your existing LittleBrother databases to the new format - this auto-conversion will first create a backup (kml) file and then remove all the old entries that are not used in any of your CellTower/WLAN List based Sectors. This will give you a clean and fresh start without loosing any of the exiting functionality. Another benefit from performing the conversion is, that you will get much better location information afterwards - simply cause you generate the locations yourself (via GPS) and does not rely on potentially false information that was provided by the webservice (I had encountered various "Ghost-CellTower-Locations" that have been provided by GoogleGears location information that have been 0ver 100km way from my actual position).
    If you don't feel comfortable with this automated procedure, you don't have to perform it once you will be prompted after the update. You can open any time later the WLAN or CellTower Database screen and you will find an additional button to perform the conversion. When you do so, please note two important things:
    • You should create a backup of your DB first - since in the case of a manually triggered conversion the code will NOT create a backup for you.
    • If you having a WLAN and a CellTower DB both databases will be converted in one run - no matter from which DB-Screen you will trigger the operation.
  • Filter CellTower & WLAN DB by with/without location info
    Additionally to the already present textual filter functionality of the WLAN and CellTower databases you can now additioanlly filter the entries for the ones that have a location information or the does that does not (currently) have any location information.
    For the entries that currently does not have any location information (e.g. WLANs that are inside buildings where no gps-fix can be received), then you can manually enter the location information, or copy the location information from any other entry over (simply mark a entry with location information - open the menu and select the 'Copy Location' - now move the curser to a entry that does not have any location information, open the menu again and select 'Paste Location').
  • Moved the GPS-Mode Configuration to the 'GPS-fix Export Settings'
  • Added a possibility to flush the "GOOD & FAILED" GPS-fix request Cache - so if you want you can skip the configured wait-time before a new gps-fix for the same CellTower/WLAN will be requested again (can be found in the 'GPS-fix Export Settings').

2013/01/06 - LittleBrother

LittleBrother RELOADED

Why a version two dot o ?

Since the 17'th of November 2012 the GoogleGears location service that was used as central DataSource for LittleBrother have been shut down permanently.
This have of course multiple consequences for LittleBrother v1.x that have been summarized in the following forum post: LittleBrother v1.x - Server OFFLINE (no new locations).
In the past couple of days a completely new location retrieving method have been implemented and tested that actually matches the requirement of being ZERO-Power consuming (OK - almost). If you are interested in the details (and actually you should) then you can read all the details about the new method in the forum post: LittleBrother v2.0 RELOADED.

What else have additionally changed ?!

  • Location DB's display additionally the information which method was used in order to get it's location information.
  • For gps-fix based locations you can see the number of already successful received location fixes (provided via gps) - or - the number of failed requests.
  • Manually entered/modified location information for a CellTowerId/WLAN will be treated as static (indicated by a '[MAN]').
  • When you modify the location of a CellTowerId/WLAN you can now make use of the build in gps signal in order to get the current location.
  • Expert gps-fix Settings have been added in order to allow you to tweak the new location retrieval method - please only modify these values if you have fully understand the consequences.

2012/09/22 - LittleBrother

Extended Latitude Configuration

What's New?

In the initial version of the Latitude Integration most settings where hard coded inside the application. This has changed with the new build - all values are adjustable now. But please be careful - you should only adjust values when you have understood the meaning/effect of the setting.
The configuration can be done either in feet or in meter (depending on your selected 'Unit' in the General Option).
  • Minimal CellTower Distance:
    The minimal distance (in meter or feet) between two CellTower locations that is required before a new location will be send to Google.
    The DEFAULT value is 500m/1640ft
    If you run into a scenario where your device is cycling constantly between different CellTowers in your area, then it could be that with each LittleBrother update cycle a new location will be posted to Google (check your Latitude History on the Google Latitude website) - if this is the case you can increase the minimum CellTower Distance.
  • CellTower accuracy radius:
    When a location will be send to Google Latitude an additional accuracy value of the location information could be specified. The accuracy will be used to render a blue cycle around the submitted location in order to indicate the precision of the location information.
    The DEFAULT value is 1000m/3280ft
    Please note that adjusting this value just have a visual effect on the Google side ( You can enable DEBUG-Logging in the general options in order to see in the LittleBrotherLOG the actual data that will be send to the Server).
    It is very difficult to specify here a default value which represents the accuracy for all cell network types. Typically CDMA celltowers have a much larger range - also in urban areas the dense of cell towers is much larger then in the country side.
  • Minimal WLAN Distance:
    Same as 'Minimal CellTower Distance' but just for WLAN location information
    The DEFAULT value is 50m/164ft
  • WLAN accuracy radius:
    Same as 'CellTower accuracy radius' but just for WLAN location information
    The DEFAULT value is 50m/164ft
  • Minimal WLAN-CellTower Distance:
    The minimum distance (in meter or feet) between a WLAN and a CellTower location.
    When you make use of WLAN and CellTower based location updates, then it makes sense to skip CellTower based location updates, if the last send WLAN based location is in the specified radius of the CellTower.
    With other words the CellTower based location information will be ignored (not send to the Latitude Server) as long as the last submitted WLAN-based location information is just in the specified radius of the CellTower.
    The DEFAULT value is 1000m/3280ft
  • What to update functionality has been removed - simply cause the setting did not had any effect on the Google Server side - no matter if the 'insert.currentLocation' or 'insert.location' (history) method have been called - all of them where automatically added to the users history anyhow - so the setting is obsolete (might be that Google adjust that in the future) - so the radio option 'Update current Location only' and 'Update Location and add to History' have been removed (and only the 'insert.currentLocation' API-call will be used).

2012/09/17 - LittleBrother

Google Latitude & more...
  • Google Latitude Integration
    The new LittleBrother build is coming with a Google Latitude integration. When you like you can connect LittleBrother with your Google account and allow LittleBrother to update your location in the Google Database.
    In order to make use of this new feature you have to go to the LittleBrother General Options and go to the 'Connected Accounts' section. There you can initiate the connection to your Google Latitude account (login will be done via the default device browser).
    Once the account is confirmed and connected you can adjust which location information should be send by LittelBrother. You can select between CellTower bases location information only or if your device is supporting WiFi you can also submit (way more accurate) WLAN-based location information as well.
    Why you might like to use LittleBrother instead of the Google Latitude client?
    • LittleBrother almost need ZERO-power to know your current location
    • LittleBrother will ONLY transfer the core location data: latitude and longitude values - nothing more - guaranteed!
    • LittleBrother is fully customizable to give you the full control WHEN you like that your Location will be updated in Latitude
    • LittleBrother will only transfer your location is it's changing - e.g. when you stay the complete day at home - your location will be only updated once (if at all)
    If you like to read more details about the benefits of using LittleBrother instead of Google Latitude then please follow this link to a forum post that explain the motivation for implementing the Google Latitude Integration.
    The Google Latitude integration comes with plenty of settings that can be adjusted in a separate 'Google Latitude Settings' category that will show up in the LittleBrother options once you have successfully connected your Google Latitude account with LittleBrother. These settings include:
    • Update Interval
      If you like to save traffic (and CPU), you can decide to update your Google Latitude location only in a specific interval. Please note that your location will be only updated if LittleBrother is able to detect your current location and if the new location is more then 50m (=164ft) away from the last submitted location.
      The Update Interval 'Always' means, that every time LittleBrother is detecting a location (that is more then 50m away from the previous submitted location) this location will be send to Google.
      When WLAN based location updates are enabled then the Update Interval 'Always' will NOT submit with every new WLAN location event the new location. The maximum WLAN based update frequency will be the configured by the global 'Update Interval' (configured at the top of this screen).
    • What to update?
      • Update current Location only
      • Update Location and add to History (if enabled in your Latitude account)
    • Post CellTower based location to Google
    • Post WLAN based location to Google
    • Update when on Roaming
    • Ignore Transport for Google Latitude
      It might be that an admin (e.g. your BES-Admin) has decided to block certain URLs, including Google Latitude. If this is the case you typically see in the LittleBrother LOG that the Location updates for Google Latitude are failing cause of 401 (unauthorized) or 404 (not found) errors.
      When you notice this kind of errors you can select which of the different available transports should not be used by LittleBrother for updating your Location in Google Latitude.
  • BBM-Integration changes
    • The BBM-Settings have been moved to a separate options category
    • New Switch to turn ON/OFF the BBM-Profile updates while on roaming
  • Detection of Network availability enhanced

2012/08/05 - LittleBrother

Support for multiple Cell-Networks

What's New?

  • BlackBerry devices can be connected to multiple Cell-Network types (e.g. GSM and CDMA). In such a condition the previous LittleBrother build was not able to provide a CellTower based location information (at least not reliable).
    In the new build you have an additional option (General Settings) that allow you to select your preferred CellTower Network Type (that then will be used, if multiple network types are available at the same time)
    Please note that this new Option is ONLY available if LittleBrother detects that your device is supporting multiple cell networks.
    The new option is called 'Preferred Cell-Network' and should be find directly below the "Network" selection. You can select between 'Auto', 'GSM', 'CDMA' and 'IDEN'.

2012/05/28 - LittleBrother

BBM™-Connected / Sector Export & Import

What's New?

  • LittleBrother is now BBM™-connected (You need to install LittleBrother via AppWorld™in order to make use of the BBM™-connected) features).
    • Post our current CELLTOWER base location to your BBM™-Profile (via LittleBrother Recent Activities)
    • Post our current WLAN base location to your BBM™-Profile
    • Post Sector IN or OUT Notifications at your BBM™-Profile.
      You can customize the message that will be posted in your BBM™-Profile via the Sector definition settings. When you include the String '@@@' in your customized message then LittleBrother will include human readable location information (WGS84) in your profile update.
    • If your BBM™ Contacts have also LittleBrother installed, then they can click on any of your LittleBrother BBM™-Profile messages to open the LittleBrother Map Popup Dialog showing the location.
    • Post foursquare Sector Checkin's at your BBM™-Profile
    • Send Sector definitions to your BBM™-Contacts
    • Define BBM-BlackList Sectors:
      When you enable the location updates in your BBM™-Profile you can define additional so called BBM™-BlackList Sectors that will suppress the BBM profile update when you are currently in such a BBM™-BlackList Sector.
  • Export & Import of Sector definitions (*.lbs files) - By default Sector definitions will be saved in your BlackBerry Home directory in a folder called 'LittleBrother' - To import a Sector definition (lbs file) simply open it directly from the eMail attachment or double click on it in FileScout (or FileScoutLite - or any other FileManager)

2012/05/14 - LittleBrother

email Account configuration

What's New?

  • If you have multiple eMail-Accounts configured on your BlackBerry it is now possible via the 'General Options' of LittleBrother to select the eMail account that should be used in order to send Sector eMail notifications.
    Of Course this option is only available if you have multiple eMail accounts configured on your device.
  • Please Donate in order to cover the Server costs - In April there had been 1.354.472 server requests alone - this is a very heavy load that have to be paid somehow. Please be so kind and Donate some bucks so that this service can be offered for free over the next couple of month - hopefully years - TIA.

2012/03/19 - LittleBrother

DB-Handling improvements, Export to local file system & fixes, fixes and more fixes

What's New?

  • The WLAN- & CellTower-DBs now can be also exported just to the local file system of your BlackBerry Device (instead of export and instant send as eMail)
  • The WLAN- & CellTower-DBs can now be filtered
  • Simply copy & paste a location from a CellTower/WLAN to another one (use [C] and [P] key shortcuts)
  • The WLAN- & CellTower-DBs indicate by '[no loc]' in the Title if the list is currently not sorted by distance to the current location (cause currently no location is present)

What's 'Fixed

  • Disabling the WLAN-Monitor in the LittleBrother options will uninstall the LittleBrother WiFi-HotspotClient
  • Sorting of WLAN- & CellTower-DB when one or more entries does not have a valid location
  • MNC & MCC will be displayed with the 'real' values (instead of beeing 'BinaryCodedDecimal')
  • Improved code to find an appropriate eMail account on the device to send eMails from

2012/01/21 - LittleBrother

foursquare: Auto-CheckIn vs. CheckIn Notification

What's New?

  • It was suggested by Daidumbace @ crackberry that in contrast to the automatically CheckIn it would be handy to get just a notification instead (that you are nearby a previous configured venue and you could probably CheckIn).
    By displaying a popup letting you know that you can CheckIn the chance of a false/accidently CheckIn is massively reduced which is a great enhancement in my point of view. This notification-mode have become the default for all new 4sq venue Sector definitions that you create in LittleBrother.
    Once you are nearby of a 4sq Sector LittleBrother will alert you (configurable via the BlackBeryr global alert configuration 'LittleBrother - foursquare Venue check-in Reminder') and display a global Popup which gives you the following choices:
    • Perform the foursquare CheckIn (by pressing 'OK')
    • Ignore this venue for the next 6 hours (by pressing 'Cancel')
    • Discard the dialog so it will be displayed again on the next 'New WLAN Location'-Event (by pressing the 'ESC' or BlackBerry Menu Button)
    If you still prefer the automatic CheckIn (like I do it for my work place) you can enable the 'Do Auto-CheckIn' checkbox in each of your foursquare Sector definitions. Please note that your already existing 4sq Venue Sectors have already the checkbox marked (only new created sectors have Auto-CheckIn OFF by default).
  • The new build will show in the Sector Definition overview a '[A]' or '[P]' for 4sq Venues - a [P] is indicating that this sector will be currently ignored/paused for a CheckIn because the last CheckIn is less then 24h ago.
    An [A] is indicating that as soon as you are IN for longer then two minutes that then LittleBrother will perform a CheckIn (or show the notification dialog).

2012/01/10 - LittleBrother

Sector Creation - hotfix


  • Creation/Modification of Sectors could not be saved if LittleBrother was not connected with Facebook.
    Fixed in v0.9.8.5 - no connection is required.

2012/01/09 - LittleBrother

LittleBrother meets social networks (OS5.x or higher)
  • General information about connecting foursquare & Facebook
    In order to connect LittleBrother with your account both services requires you to login to the site and grant LittleBrother the permission to act on your behave. Of course LittleBrother will only do what you configure in the LittleBrother app.
    The requested permissions are the minimum required set - so if you feel uncomfortable with the requested permissions that do not expect that LittleBrother can work correctly. Simply disconnect LittleBrother from the app in this case. This can be done via the web sites of Facebook or foursquare at any time.
    For both Services LittleBrother need to create a web browser like screen that is going to establish an https connection (secure) to the Facebook/foursquare web site which will going to display a login screen.
    This web browser like screen does not act very user friendly - sometimes it takes quite a long time to react on the user input - sometimes it takes a very long time to display any information.
    I am very sorry for this inconvenience but all this comes more or less directly from the OS with very limited options for me as developer to influence the behavior of this browser like screen.
    To connect LittleBrother simply go to the General Options and press the 'Connect'-Button - this will open the web browser like screen and display the login screen. Once the login and the additional dialogs have been confirmed you will be redirected back to This should automatically close the screen and you should see a confirmation popup letting you know that now LittleBrother is connected with the Service.
    Alternatively there is also a more manual process to establish the connection between the Service and LittleBrother. This alternative can be initiated from every web browser running on a PC or Mac (for details see further below).
  • foursquare
    With the newly introduced WLAN-Monitor and the precision of the WLAN based location service it is now possible for LittleBrother to auto-checkin at your preferred foursquare venues.
    • After your foursquare account is connected, LittleBrother allows you to define a new Sector type: "foursquare venue" Sector.
      1. To create a such a new 4sq Sector simply open the Sector Definition and select 'Add foursquare location' (or use the key short cut [F])
        Please note that it's required that LittleBrother has a valid location information in order to create a 4sq Sector.
      2. After a short while LittleBrother will display you the first 50 venus in a range of 5km (aprox. 3mi) around your current location.
        When you are looking for a specific place, you alternatively can start a custom 4sq venues search by selecting 'Add foursquare location (extended)' (or use the key short cut [SHIFT]+[F])
      3. After you have selected a foursquare location from the popup list you can specify how LittleBrother should broadcast your automatic-checkin:
        • Select between public or private
        • Broadcast checkin on your connected Twitter Account
        • Broadcast checkin on your connected Facebook Account
        • Specify an additional Shout-Message (once a Shout-Message is specified the broadcast type will be automatically set to 'public')
    • In order that LittleBrother will perform a foursquare auto-checkin, you have to be at least for more then two minutes in a range of less then 150m (aprox. 500ft) from the venues location.
    • A re-checkin at the same venue will happen either after a pause of 24h or when LittleBrother had auto-checkin at a different venue in the meantime.
    • Each foursquare auto-checkin will be logged in the LittleBrother LOG that can be accessed via the LittleBrother options.
    • Please note that auto-checkin only works on base of the WLAN location service that was introduced in LittleBrother v0.9.5.6 - you need to enable the WLAN-Monitor in the General Options and accept the LittleBrother Hotspot-Client installation/configuration.
  • Facebook
    Once you connect your Facebook account with LittleBrother (via the General Options) LittleBrother can automatically create new wall posts that will include a personal message and a link to GoogleMaps displaying your current position (similar to the eMail notifications).
    • You can specify for each Sector separately IF a Facebook post should be created.
      Please note that the additional text input fields will only appear (in the sector definition screen) when you have connected your Facebook account with LittleBrother.
      Simply leave the additional fields empty if you do not like that a Sector event will be published at your Facebook wall. That is the default for all existing & new created Sectors.
    • Of course you can also specify for each sector separate, if the IN-, OUT- or BOTH events should be posted and of course you can modify the main message to your likings (only the GoogleMaps link will be some sort of static).
    • Each creation of a Facebook wall post will be logged in the LittleBrother LOG that can be accessed via the LittleBrother options.
    • Like LittleBrother on Facebook

  • General functionality improvements
    • WLAN-Monitor syncs now with pending/working location requests. In the past it could had happen that the the request was killed (instead of waiting for the completion).
    • RemoteLocation Request PIN's now also show the associated contact name (from the time when the PIN was added to the permitted PIN list). So updating the contact information has no influence on the displayed information in LittleBrother.
  • Connecting LittleBrother manually to Facebook or foursquare
    1. In the web browser on the PC (Mac) enter one the following URL's:
    2. Login on the Service with your user and password - then confirm the requested permissions.
    3. If everything was entered ok you will be redirected back to the website where you should see an input field with a 'cryptic looking' code.
    4. Copy this code into your clipboard and transfer it to your Blackberry device - do not try to type it manually. [One of the simplest (not necessary the most secure) ways to do this is by sending yourself an eMail with the code in the message body]
    5. Now back on your Blackberry device: Select again the code text and copy it into the clipboard of your device
    6. Open the LittleBrother General Options and select 'Enter XXXX Access Token' from the Menu
    7. Paste in the input field of the popup dialog the Access Token code (if this did not already has happened automatically)
    8. Press 'OK' to complete this procedure and you are finally done!

2011/12/24 - LittleBrother

WLAN location support enhancements (OS5.x or higher)

Quick OTA-Update Link

What's New?

  • Distance Units are configurable (Metric, Imperial, Nautical) - So finally you can select if you will see the distance information in meter (km) or feet (mi).
  • Storing 'recent' WLAN position - LittleBrother will now keep the last recent WLAN position in the device memory so that the app can make use of this information at any time.
    If the last known WLAN position is older then 5 minutes it will be automatically invalidated.
  • At the bottom of the Location Information Screen the available Location information (CellTower & WLAN) will be displayed. A '[Loc]' behind the Cell or WLAN information is indicating that LittleBrother was able to retrieve also a Location Information for the CellTower/WLAN.
  • The recent WLAN position will be displayed in the Map when you are viewing any CellTower location. Please note that this functionality is only supported when make use of BlackBerryMaps.
  • An incoming 'Remote Location Request' will send the WLAN based location information (if present & not older then 5 minutes) otherwise the CellTower based location will be send.
  • The WLAN Database List will calculate the displayed distance based on the last recent known WLAN location (and not current connected CellTower)
  • The database lists (CellTower & WLAN) have the possibility to check all locations via 'Check Locations' from the menu.

2011/12/20 - LittleBrother

WLAN Based location support for OS5+

What's New?

  • WLAN-Monitor
    In urban areas LittleBrother can use the visible WLAN (SSID/MacAddress) information in order to determine your current location. Depending from your area this information can be surprisingly precise. For example with just the Mac-Addresses of the WLAN-Routers of my neighbour and myself the location can be determine with a precision of less then 100m.
    Of course this is being far away from the precision of the GPS-Antenna - but way more accurate then just the cell tower information.
    • Please note that the BlackBerry Device does not need to be connected to any WLAN - LittleBrother is just scanning the available WLANs nearby you and gathering based on the visible WLAN Mac-Addresses your approximate Location.
    • Since the sending range of a typical WLAN is not more then few hundreds of meters the functionality will most of the time not work while you are driving with higher speeds - simply cause of the fact that you are passing by potential WLAN-Access-Points way to fast and your BlackkBerry Device does not take notice of them. So by combining CellTower location information [when traveling with higher speeds] and WLAN location information [for lower speeds (walking)] it's some sort of scary to see how detailed you are able to track & log where have you been recently.
    • Because the device automatically scan for new WLAN-Access-Points frequently and automatically notify LittleBrother about any changes there is no need to specify an own update interval for the LittleBrother WLAN-Monitor. As soon as the Device will see new WLANs LittleBrother will automatically try to get the location information.
    • In order that a location can be retrieved at least two WLANs have to be visible for the device at the same time. If there are more then two Access-Points visible for the Device the two with the strongest signal will be chosen.
    • The "Location Request" functionality will not make use of the WLAN-Monitor (yet).
    Activating the WLAN-Monitor
    • Go to the LittleBrother General Options and activate the WLAN-Monitor checkbox.
    • In order that LittleBrother will be notified about available WLAN's the application need to instantiate a so called HotspotClient.
    • The installation of this HotspotClient requires the confirmation of the user.
      Normally during this process you can provide your login credentials - but since LittleBrother does not need any connection to a WLAN there are no information that need to be entered.
      Just confirm the HotspotClient installation and you are done.
      LittleBrother should automatically take you to the WiFi configuration of your BlackBerry Device in order to perform this HotspotClient installation. If this does not happens automatically please open the corresponding Dialog manually.
      Please note that when you reinstall/update LittleBrother you need to repeat the HotspotCient installation/confirmation.
    • Once the LittleBrother HotspotClient is instantiated it will be listed as LittleBrother [WLAN-Monitor] in your 'Saved WiFi Networks' of your BlackBerry device.
      Again: This HotspotClient only has only the functionality to be notified about the visible WLAN's for the device - it does not do anything else!
  • Additionally to the ability to create CellTower List Sectors, the new Version allows you to do the same for a list of WLANs. Please note that you can't combine CellTower and WLAN Lists in a single Sector definition.
  • Updating the [IN]/[OUT] of Sector information that is displayed in the Sector overview will now happen in real time.

2011/11/30 - LittleBrother

Remote Location Requests / +Fixes

What's New?

  • Request Remote Location/CellTower Information
    With this new functionality you can request the CellTowerInfo based Location of any other BlackBerry Device that have also installed LittleBrother. Of course you can't request the location from anybody - there have been added plenty of options and settings to allow you to restrict access to this new functionality. All this can be done via the new 'Remote Location Request' Options.
    • Enable Remote Location Request Service: Of course first of all you are able to turn this new feature completely ON and OFF. When the Checkbox is unchecked all incoming location requests will be ignored.
    • Restrict access to PINs: You can restrict the location requests to only specific PINs. This means as long as a Location request does not come from a PIN that is in your list, the request will be ignored.
    • To add a PIN to the list you need to press the 'Add Contact' Button. This will display all contacts of your BlackBerry Address Book that have a PIN assigned. If your list is empty please ensure that you will edit your BlackBerry Contacts so that people who should be able to request your location have a PIN-Info in our AddressBook.
    • To remove a PIN you can select the PIN and press the 'DEL'-Key or select 'Delete PIN XXXXXXXX' from the Menu.
    • Keep PIN-Messages: By default LittleBrother auto deletes the incoming LittleBrother-PIN-Request and Response Message. Turn this Option OFF if you like to keep the requests and responses.
    • Audio Alert if Location is requested: If you like to be alerted when somebody is requesting your location LittleBrother can trigger an Audio Alert. Please note that you need to configure the Alert in the Global Device Alert Settings - It's listed as 'LittleBrother - LocationRequest Alert'.
    How to Request a RemoteLocation?
    1. Open the LittleBrother Options (simply via the application icon from the HomeScreen)
    2. Open the BlackBerry Menu
    3. Select 'Request Location'
    4. Now all your contacts of your Address Book that have a PIN assigned will be displayed
    5. Select the contact...
    6. Wait...
      Please note that if the remote contact have enabled the 'Restrict access to PINs' option then he needs to have your PIN in his PIN-list.
    7. Once you have received a Remote Location request Reply the received location will be displayed as Popup Dialog on your BlackBerry Device.
    Since my wife owns a BlackBerry as well since a couple of month, this function became very handy.
  • Fix for mass pending CellTowers requests (after a long period without data coverage)
  • OS7 Icon size adjustment
  • MCC typo correction (uuups)

2011/05/19 - LittleBrother

New IN & OUT of Sector Event handling / LittleBrother LOG

What's New?

  • New Sector IN & OUT Handling:
    In the previous Versions of LittleBrother the App have always triggered an IN (or OUT) of Sector event when you have entered (left) a Sector. Depending on your update interval and the direction of your movement it could happened that shortly after one event occurred the opposite event was fired. In the worse case this could end in a lot of IN & OUT messages when you are traveling along the border line of your defined sector.
    With the new build of LittleBrother this have been solved by adding multiple techniques in order to detect and ignore unwanted messages and re-send previously ignored messages when they become important. Details about how this functionality have been implemented can be understand when you take the time to read the LittleBrother LOG.
    Since I had this repeated IN & OUT of Sector messages myself in the past with the previous Versions of LittleBrother (like v0.7.x) and with the new v0.9 they have been completely gone, I am very confident that you will appreciate this enhancement [I have tested the new build every day over the last 2 weeks and it has worked rock solid - I am looking forward to your feedback].
  • LitteBrother LOG:
    LittleBrother will now come with a own LOG that allows you to keep track of the actions of LittleBrother. Also the LOG allows you some quick actions to modify existing sectors.
    • The LOG is accessible from the LittleBrother Options
    • When the CellTowerLocation is known then you will find for the LOG entry a button that allows you to show a map of CellTower that have triggered the LOG entry.
    • On a OUT-OF-Sector Event for a CellTowerList based Sector you can simply add the CellTower that have triggered the event to the Sector (this is a very simple way to extend existing CellTowerBased Sectors)
    • For a CellTower for which no location could be detected/requested you are able to enter the Latitude & Longitude values manually (if you know them)
    • Beside looking into the LittleBrother LOG you can dump the content as TXT to the file system of your device [the path is hard coded: In the BlackBerry user home directory on the device (not on the SDCard)]
    • The LOG stores a maximum of 200 log entries (then the oldest entries will be removed)
  • WiFI Activated & WiFi Deactivated Messages have been removed from the GUI (you will find them now also in the LOG)
  • Ignoring invalid CellTowerIds. [A colleague of mine had issues with a imaginary CellTower that occasionally be reported by the OS/RadioInfo/SIM (CellId:65535 & MCC:65535) - this had happened at various totally different locations.]

2011/03/15 - LittleBrother

Torch OS6.0.0.448 & OS6.0.0.526 fixes

What's fixed?

  • After the update to OS6.0.0.448 or OS6.0.0.526 using the Torch touch screen causes the context menu to be displayed in unwanted situations (like in the CellTowerDB Screen) - the new build have implemented a workaround for thise issues.

2011/03/15 - LittleBrother

Full integration with BlackBerryMaps / Bugfixes

What's new?

  • In the past LittleBrother made use of Google 2DMaps to show you last 25 Locations as well as the overview of your Local CellTower Database. The use of Google 2D Maps have some disadvantages (concerning the amount of possible markers and the ability to zoom & pan)
    With this new build LittleBrother makes use of the native BlackBerry Maps application (if installed) to display the local CellTower Database (depending of the size that can take a couple of seconds) or to display the last locations you have passed over time (since the last device reboot) - with BlackBery Maps you now can zoom or pan in order to get a bit more details about the CellTower locations.
    Please note that on some BlackBerrry devices BlackBerry Maps could not be launched if the size of the provided location information document extend a certain size. So you can configure in the General Options the maximal size of the document [of course smaller sizes means that probably not all locations will be displayed in BlackBerryMaps].
  • In previous builds the number of Last Locations was hard coded to 25 CellTowers - with this new build this is now configurable - select between 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 or 100 CellTowers (the number of CellTowers will have an effect on the memory consumption of the LiittleBrother application - so now it's up to you)
  • With the new support of BlackBerry Maps you can select if you still would like to use the Google 2D Maps (setting in the General Options).
  • Did you knew that you can Zoom IN and Zoom OUT with the Menu and Keyboard shortcuts when you display a single CellTower Location (Popup Window) using Blackberry Maps?
  • From the LocalCellTowerDatabase you can now add multiple CellTowers (multiselect) to a existing CellTowerListBased Sector (so you can extend an existing Sector very easy).

What's fixed?

  • New created sectors have been ignored till device was rebooted (sorry!)

2011/03/04 - LittleBrother

Two different WiFi-Control Modes

What's new?

  • WiFi Control on two different Modes available:
    • Strict-Mode (initial LittleBrother WiFi Control implementation)
      In Strict-Mode WiFi is only enabled when you are in a Sector that have WiFi-Enabled in it's Sector configuration. When you manually enable WiFi elsewhere LittleBrother will turn OFF WiFi again automatically (depending on your update interval).
      You should use this mode if you do not like to waste battery power cause you have somehow forgot to turn WiFi OFF.
      • Define Sectors in which WiFi should be automatically enabled when you are entering a specific location
      • As soon as you are out of any Sector that have WiFi enabled then LittleBrother will automatically turn OFF the WiFi of your BlackBerry Device in order to save power
      • Strict Mode implies that when you want to use WiFi (turn it on manually) out of any of your current defined sectors you either have to turn LittleBrothers WiFi Control OFF or create a new Sector for your current location
    • AdHoc-Mode (new in v0.6.1.5)
      AdHoc-Mode allows you to manually enable WiFi at any time you might need it. This implies that you might can forget to turn off WiFi again.
      But when you are leaving a WiFi enabled Sector LittleBrother will also turn WiFi OFF. But in contrast to the Strict mode LittleBrother will not observe any longer if you manually enable WiFi in between (while out of any WiFi Sector). So when you turn on WiFi manually it will stay on till you turn it off again [or till you enter and then leave again a WiFi enabled Sector].
      • Define Sectors in which WiFi should be automatically enabled when you are entering a specific location
      • As soon as you are leaving a WiFi enabled Sector the WiFi-Antenna of your BlackBerry Device will be turned OFF in order to save power
      • AdHoc-Mode implies that when you manually turn on WiFi you have to remember yourself to turn it OFF again.
    • Of Course you can also completely disable the WiFi-Control feature of LittleBrother in the General Options

What's fixed?

  • Permission Configuration Dialog should be displayed only once

2011/02/26 - LittleBrother

WiFi control / Support for IDEN

What's new?

  • WiFi Control - enable/disable your WiFi depending on your current location
    • Define Sectors in which WiFi should be automatically enabled
    • This implies that as soon as you are out of any Sector that have WiFi enabled that then LittleBrother will automatically turn of the WiFi of your BlackBerry in order to save power
    • When you want to use WiFi out of any of your current defined sectors you can either turn LittleBrothers WiFi Control OFF or create a new Sector for your current location
    • Enable LittleBrother's WiFi Control in the LittleBrother General Options Section
  • Support for IDEN Networks (experimental)
  • If RIM's CellTowerLocation Service is available LittleBrother will make use of it (required for IDEN) - You can check in the Location Information Section of LittleBrother if the CellTower Location Service of RIM is available (or not)
  • Check required application permissions after the installation

What's fixed?

  • Minor GUI issues
  • Editing a CellTower location that is part of an existing Sector will update also the Sector definition

2010/12/31 - LittleBrother

Add and Edit CellTower locations - active/inactive Sector definitions

What's new?

  • For debugging purposes you can specify faster sample rates: 30sec, 10sec and each 5 seconds [this will be removed later - that's why they are at the end of the list]
  • As location definition your can enter any postal address and LittleBrother will retrieve the location information from the web
  • Possibility to activate/deactive a Sector definition - only active sectors will trigger the sending of IN and OUT notifications
  • Quick Enable & Disable SectorDefinitions via the Sector list (use Key shortcut: [A] to toggle between active/inactive)
  • SectorList will display IN/OUT of Sector status
  • Possibility to edit a CellTower location in your local CellTowerDB. When you are connected to one or more Femtocells it is not possible for LittleBrother to provide a correct location - in this case you can correct/enter the location information for these CellTowers (aka Femtocells)
    This feature could be of course also used if you are not satisfied with the precision of a CellTower location that was provided by LittleBrother
  • Possibility to add complete new CellTowers (incl. the location) to your CellTowerDB

What's fixed?

  • Fix for inactive Sectors on system start
  • Fix for Sectors that based on a CellTowerList that consist of only a single entry

2010/10/25 - LittleBrother

Support for multiple Sectors & Sector definition via CellTower List

What's new?

  • LittleBrother now supports the definition of up to 50 different Sectors - each Sector can have it's own recipient (list) and own custom IN- & OUT-Messages.
  • Select a list of CellTowers (from the Local CellTower DB) and define a new Sector from this selection - The IN and OUT Sector calculation will then work on the base of the selected CellTowers.As long as you are connected to one of the CellTowers from the list LittleBrother treat this as IN-Sector as soon as the phone connects to a different CellTower the OUT-of-Sector message will be send to the defined recipient(s).
  • When you realize that an additional CellTower should be added to a CellTowerList based Sector then this CellTower can be added to an existing Sector via the LocalCellTowerDB List (via the #Menu)
  • For CellTowerList based Sectors an overview map could be displayed.
  • Delete a CellTower from a CellTowerList based Sectors at any time.
  • Additional checkbox for Out of Sector-Notifications: Notify after device reboot [OFF by default] - What does this mean? With the new feature to define multiple sectors the possibility that you are outside of one or more of these sectors is quite high. This would mean when you reboot your device (or do a battery pull) that LittleBrother would send to all recipients of these sectors the the Out of Sector-Notification. In order to disable the notification for a sector on a device reboot the checkbox can be unchecked.
  • When displaying a CellTowerLocation via the BlackBerryMaps popup then this map can be ZOOMED-IN [Key: i] and ZOOMED-OUT [Key: o].
  • GUI-Enhancements (like in all other applications: InputFields with Border etc...)

What's fixed?

  • When a location for a CellTower could not be retrieved for three times this CellTower will be ignored for the next 24h
  • Torch/OS6 related fixes

2010/07/28 - LittleBrother

Bugfix for Location calculation (v0.3.6.0 is MIA)

What's new?

  • Map Requests (Last25 & LocalDB) could be canceled
  • CellTower location requests that could not be performed cause the phone is is use will be performed later when the data transfer is possible again

What's fixed?

  • Distance Calculation for notifications was messed up in 0.3.5.x - sorry!
  • Another possible NullPointer Fix

2010/07/23 - LittleBrother

Customize Messages / Options reorganized

What's new?

  • Personalize/Customize the Out of Sector and Back in Sector Messages
  • Options reorganized into different sections
  • Button to Cancel all running Requests
  • Local CellTower Database list will be sorted by distance
  • Delete single CellTower Database enties by pressing DEL-Key
  • Perform a manual Update Check

What's fixed?

  • Improved request queuing
  • Possible NullPointer Fix (for v0.3.5.0)

2010/07/05 - LittleBrother

Check if RIM's Map-Application is installed

2010/06/28 - LittleBrother

Initial release

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