File Manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices
with OS 4.3 or higher

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FileScout - Product Details

A file manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices

The "all in one" file, zip, text and image manager for your BlackBerry®

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What you can do with FileScout?

  • Browse over the file system of your BlackBerry® device
  • Show hidden files and directories (indicated by grey name)
  • Show 'encrypted content' (indicated by a caution icon )
  • Creating new directories
  • Copy a single file (or a group of files) from one folder to another
  • Move files (incl. multi select)* (in the same way as copy a file)
  • Auto rename/overwrite if a file already exist at the destination [of copy & move], this behavior is configurable via options
  • Renaming existing files*
  • Delete existing files [OS 4.x owners: even ones that are preinstalled (like wallpapers or ringtones)]*, ***
  • Copy complete directory structures (including all it's content) in the same way as single files can be copied
  • Move complete directory structures (including all it's content) in the same way as single files can be moved
  • Delete directories with all its content (recursive)*
  • Unpack ZIP-Archives (including directory structures) - no support for password protected zips
  • Create a ZIP-Archive from a marked single file
  • Create a ZIP-Archive from a group of files (mark multiple files by pressing the SPACE-key)
  • Create a ZIP-Archive from a selected directory (including all it's content/recursive)
  • Access your Dropbox: (via the FileScout Dropbox Plugin)
    • Download single files, list of files or complete folders (not recursive)
    • Upload a single file, a selection of files or complete folders (not recursive) from your BlackBerry® Device to your Dropbox.
    • Create a new directory at your Dropbox.
    • Display file or folder details for any item
  • Resize Images to save time and money when sending photos that have been taken with your BackBerry® or coming from other sources (this also can save device memory)
  • Rotate Images (90°, 180°, -90°) (might require image resizing first)
  • Create screenshots of your BlackBerry device (screen capture)
  • Create Playlists across multiple folders [select in any folder your audio files (via Space-Key) and once you have marked all files select 'Create Playlist from <selection>' from the menu]
    (this menu item is only available, if you have specified a 'Playlist Directory' in the options)
  • Create Playlists from current directory content [optional: including all subdirectories (recursive)]
    (this menu item is only available, if you have specified a 'Playlist Directory' in the options)
  • FileScout register itself as default content handler for '.INI', '.LOG' and '.XML' files [This allows you to open this files e.g. from eMail attachments directly in the FileScout SimpleTextViewer/Editor]
  • Add the current directory to your 'favorite directory list'
  • From anywhere goto any of your favorite directories (from the list)
  • From anywhere goto any other directory on your device by using SHIFT+G|SHIFT+H (Nodes can be expanded or collapsed with the SPACE-Key)
  • Search for files or directories (recursive) by using SHIFT+S
  • QuickFilter (FileFind) - enable the QuickFilter by pressing 'Q' and type any part of the filename you are looking for - FileScout will automatically filter the current directory depending on your input.
    [not supported with Suretype or Multitouch keyboard]
  • Opening Media-Files**:
    • Audio: W4A|AAC|MP3|WAV|AU3|MID|WMA
    • Video: MPEG|AVI|MP4|3GP
    • Office (requires installed "Office to go"): DOC|XLS|PPT
    • PDF (requires installed "PDF to go" or "Repligo Reader")
    • Other: TXT|HTML
    • Playlists: M3U
  • Opening custom registered files - FileScout allows you to associate own file extensions with custom applications (like you might know it from other OS)****
  • Opening Images in a integrated ImageViewer:
    • allows to scroll to next or previous images in the same directory (without the requirement to go back to the FileScout file listing).
    • Additionally FileScout can cache the images that are ahead and/or that are already shown (the amount of images that will be cached depends from your available memory - FileScout will automatically check the available free memory in the background and remove the 'oldest' images from the cache if the device have not enough free memory left).
    • Storm & Storm2 Users:
      • Click on the right side of the touch screen to get to the next image
      • Click on the left side of the touch screen to get to the previous image
  • Opening Files in a SimpleTextViewer:
    • You can open small files (depending on your setting) in plain text mode - This enables you to open XML's, INI's or any kind of script files (or any other files) in your BlackBerry®
    • Once the file is opened, you can mark/select text and copy it into the clipboard (to use it where ever you like or need it)
  • Opening Files in a SimpleTextEditor:
    • Once it's enabled in the options you can edit the text files that you have opened in the SimpleTextEditor. But FileScout is still far away from becoming a fully functional text editor (that might change in further releases).
    • by default all files will be open with UTF-8 character encoding
    • Re-read file with different encodings:
      • Re-read file with 'UTF-8' encoding
      • Re-read file with 'ISO-8859-1' encoding
      • Re-read file with 'UTF-16BE' encoding
      • Re-read file with 'US-ASCII' encoding
      • Re-read file with 'CUSTOM' encoding (need to be specified in the Editor options)
    • Save File (will use UTF-8 encoding)
    • Save File as... (allow you to specify output encoding)
  • Creating new text files (if edit-mode is configured in options)
  • File details:
    • Filename (complete)
    • 128px Preview (for images only)
    • Path in which the file is located
    • File size
    • MIME type
    • Last modification date
    • Is Hidden [YES|NO] (writable)
    • Is BuildIn [YES|NO]
    • Is DRMLocked [YES|NO] (if accessible)
    • Is Encrypted [YES|NO]
  • Directory details:
    • Directory name (complete)
    • Path in which the directory is located
    • Total file size (incl. sub-directories)
    • free space
    • number of files
    • number of directories
    • Last modification date
    • Is Hidden [YES|NO] (writable)
  • Send any file as eMail attachment to your BlackBerry® contacts
  • Send any file via Bluetooth to any other device that supports OBEX-Object-Push*****
  • Receive any file via Bluetooth from any other device that supports OBEX-Object-Push******
  • Send content of plain text files (xml, ini, txt etc.) as SMS
  • Options:
    • General Settings
      • Startup Directory (default EMPTY)
      • Confirm Exit of FileScout (default OFF)
      • Confirm Delete of files & directories (default ON)
      • Show hidden files & directories (default ON)
      • Use BlackBerry® build in eMail composer (default ON)
      • Default action when destination exist ['do nothing'|'rename file'|'overwrite destination'|'ask each time'] (default 'do nothing')
      • Directory Structure loading Thread ['Slow'|'Normal'|'Fast'] (default: Normal)
    • Appearance
      • Font Size ['small'|'medium'|'default'|'large'|'I am an old man'] (default: DEFAULT)
      • Sort directory content (default ON)
      • Specify the sort order of the directory content: by file name, by file size, by modification date and by file extension (type) (default 'by name')
      • Show 'filename' in Menu (default ON)
      • Default/alternative Folder icons
    • Thumbnail Options
      • Show thumbnail images (default OFF)
      • Thumbnail scale factor (default 2x)
      • Thumbnail-Store Directory (default EMPTY)
    • Image & Screenshot Options
      • Allow image resizing (default ON)
      • Image size: user defined, 1200px, 1024px, 800px, 640px, device resolution, ask each time (default 'device resolution')
      • Delete original image on resize (default OFF)
      • Add resolution information to filename (default OFF)
      • save as PNG or JPG (default JPG)
      • JPEG Quality (1-100) (default 75)
    • Media-Player Options
      • Playlist Directory (default EMPTY)
      • Clear selection after Playlist creation (default ON)
    • Simple TextViewer/Editor
      • Allow editing in SimpleTextViewer (default OFF)
      • Font Size ['small'|'medium'|'default'|'large'|'I am an old man'] (default: DEFAULT)
      • Maximum text file site (default 256KiB)
    • ImageViewer Options
      • Use FileScout buildIn ImageViewer [default ON]
        If you do not like to use the new feature you can completely disable it
      • Upscale smaller Images [default ON]
      • Prefetch all Images in directory [default ON]
        FileScout can preload the images in the current directory for faster viewing. Please note cause of device memory limitations it could be, that not all images could be preloaded. FileScout will automatically load only as much images as fit into the device memory
      • Filename display (time in sec) [default: 3 sec]
        FileScout will display the filename of the current image as overlay at the bottom of the screen. You can specify the time in seconds how long this overlay should appear. You can specify 0 seconds to turn off this feature.
    • File associations
      • Use the FileScout build-in text viewer/editor (default ON)
      • Use the FileScout build-in ZIP handler (default ON)
      • Use the BlackBerry default Browser to open HTML files (default OFF)
      • Force BlackBerry® media content handler for images, audio & video files (default OFF)
    • Custom file associations
  • Key short cut Help Popup Dialogs [select from the menu 'Key short cut' to see all current available key short cuts with a description]
  • Key short cuts for most frequent functions [see manual for details]
  • More to come ?













Additional Notes

  • Please Note: Some files on a BlackBerry® devices have some sort of DRM (DigitalRightsManagement). Cause of this it could be, that the files can not be copied, moved. FileScout will give you a warning information once you try to copy a file that have 'encrypted content' - FileScout will mark these files with a "lock" symbol. Additionally it could be the case, that even deleting of this content is not possible.
  • Even if I own a Storm myself there is no extra TouchScreen support (yet) - this means it will work on a Strom like on any other BlackBerry® device.
  • Some parts/files in the '/system' and '/store' folders might reappear after a battery pull - The device seams to auto restore some of the files.
  • OS5.x Users: In OS5 RIM have decided to make the '/system' folder READONLY! This have the consequence that FileScout is not able to delete any preinstalled content from the sample folder. Furthermore it is not possible anylonger to create custom application icons (as you might be used to from previous OS versions.
Deleting or renaming files from your BlackBerry® can harm the core functionality of the device - use this function at your own risk!
Not all media types might be supported by your device
Some files on a BlackBerry® device are marked as "BuildIn" - unfortunately most of the time it's not possible for FileScout to delete this type of files.
In OS5 RIM have made the samples folder READONLY - so it's not possible anylonger to delete this content with FileScout!
The 3'rd party application itself have to support to be started with an file as additional command line parameter (this is quite usual in other OS's but I do not know much about 3'rd party BlackBerry® applications right now)
Once you choose to send a file via Bluetooth, FileScout is opening a list of available Bluetooth devices that are in range (and that support OBEX-Object-Push) - The initial list will be empty and once a device will be detected the entry will be shown in the list. This Bluetooth device search could take some seconds - please be patient!
Before you send a file from another device go to the target directory and choose from the #Menu 'Receive file via Bluetooth' to start FileScout's Bluetooth receive mode.

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